Dorset Wood Fired Pizza


We are 100% self sufficient in every respect so our requirements are very simple. We need a level surface that is at least 4m x 5m large and safe access for the tow vehicle to turn with the trailer. We don't need electricity, water or anything else, just supply us with hungry mouths to feed and we will do the rest!

Wedding Receptions


Whilst we won't be able to plan and organise your whole wedding reception, Dorset Wood Fired Pizza will give an unforgettable eating experience to you and your guests. Our funky setup will provide a nice focal point for your guests as they watch their scrumptious pizzas prepared and cooked in minutes before them. Nothing gets people talking better than food and drink! You supply them with the drink and we will supply authentic pizza made with only the best imported Italian and where possible local ingredients.





No matter what the occasion, we will work hard to meet your requirements. Whether you are planning a party in your garden, Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas party for your business, corporate event, we've got you covered.  Contact us with your requirements.


We are able to cook individual, 1 person size 9.5" Pizzas or larger 13.5" Pizzas, perfect for slicing and sharing. 

We are very flexible and willing to negotiate prices for every individual booking. To give an idea though, outside of peak season (June - September), our minimum fee is £420 plus £1.50 per mile outside of Weymouth, Dorset. During peak season, prices start from £700 plus travel.  Visit our PRICES page for more information.

We are able to cater for groups up to 200 people without any trouble at all. If you have more than 200 in your group we would need to discuss additional requirements with you so that we can meet demand.

Please note that these prices are a guide and the final price quoted to you will be determined by the bespoke requirements you request.


The health and safety of you and your guests is paramount to us. To reassure you that we take this seriously, here are just a few of the precautions we take.

We have been awarded a 5 star food hygiene rating by the local  council. All food is stored within safe temperatures in our large chiller boxes. We do not use raw meats to reduce the risk of contamination. All our staff are trained in food hygiene. The oven trailer will be enclosed to prevent access. The toppings and pizza making process are protected from customers with a perspex sneeze guard. We have our own first aid kit and fire extinguisher on board. We carry a full list of allergens contained in our ingredients.


Our booking terms & conditions are kept as simple as possible and are here to avoid any misunderstandings with your booking. 

A 50% booking fee must be paid in advance of the event date in order to confirm the booking. Until the booking fee is made all bookings are treated as provisional. The booking fee is non-refundable in the event of cancellation or change of date. We will do our best to accommodate any requested change of date but with no obligation as we may have other events booked.

We must receive the remaining 50% balance, cleared in our account at least 30 days prior to the event date unless otherwise agreed with us. You must notify us of any requested amendments to agreed numbers, serving times etc before this point so that any changes can be made. Please note that agreed numbers of guests/pizzas may be increased with prior notice but not decreased. We will send an additional invoice for any increases in your guest numbers. Dorset Wood Fired Pizza reserves the right to cancel the event if the full amount is not settled fourteen days prior to the event, in which case the booking fee remains non-refundable.


On the actual day of your event, Dorset Wood Fired Pizza will need access to the site in order to set up, prep the food and fire up the oven. We will require access at least 3 hours prior to the agreed service time. We do not operate with any electrical equipment other than lighting and a hot water boiler which requires access to 16 or 13 amp power socket. Unless otherwise agreed, this will be provided by you.

Someone should be available on site to show us to our area. We will set up, prep and generally be as quiet as mice until it's time to cook! We will cook as per your previously agreed requirements but can be flexible on the night. Just let us know for example if you want us to slow it down or speed it up, we understand that things can change on the day.


Dorset Wood Fired Pizza can operate in almost all weathers. We are yet to cancel due to bad weather and have produced our amazing pizza through the worst storms! We would strongly advise you to have your own contingency plans in place, e.g. indoor option or marquee. 

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