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It's all about the pizza, it's as simple as that for us. Just for your special event, it has to be fresh, made by hand and using only the best ingredients. Starting with the essentials for the classic Neapolitan style Margherita pizza, dough, tomato, mozzarella, parmesan, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.


The Big Four - Flour, water, yeast and sea salt and that's it! Occasionally we might add a little oil or sugar depending on the style required but our Neapolitan style is the simplest and best. We use Caputo '00' flour which is the champ of flours for a Neapolitan style dough. We use a low ratio of live yeast to flour which is about a thumbnail for 16kg of flour! This allows our dough to slowly ferment creating amazing texture and taste whilst being easy on your stomach. 


We love to use local ingredients but to be honest the Italians grow the best plum tomatoes so that's where we get ours! Loosely blended with a pinch of salt and a few herbs our sauce is simple and delicious.


Imported from Italy we use Mozzarella fior di latte. A low moisture cows milk mozzarella for wonderful pools of cheesy lusciousness.


Fresh leaves of basil torn and added to your pizza gives an amazing, vibrant fragrance which is absolutely essential.


​Another essential ingredient that often is unseen and unnoticed unless it's missing of course. We use Parmagiano Reggiano but can also source a vegetarian alternative hard cheese if required.


It has to be extra virgin olive oil. Added as the last ingredient it helps brown the mozzarella and adds a depth of flavour to your pizza.


Where we can, we source ingredients locally. Have you ever tried a pizza with Dorset Blue Vinny cheese and portabello mushrooms? So good!

​Whatever ingredients we use on our wood fired pizza, our style is to keep it simple. We let the ingredients do most of talking but the rest comes from the care we take, the attention to detail, the love we have for each ingredient, how they come together and the final product. 

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