Dorset Wood Fired Pizza



Individual 9" pizzas freshly prepared, cooked right before your guests and served in a pizza box. This style is perfect for a festival themed wedding or evening food for  party guests. Great for an informal, streetfood style treat for your guests to enjoy over a 2-3 hour period, rewarding your team at the end of the day or as part of a larger event. Choose four pizzas from the menu shown below or;

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We believe that a wood fired pizza should be kept simple, with perhaps only a few quality toppping ingredients. This might sound like pizza snobbery but trust us, it's true! The style of pizza we make needs to be cooked in 90 seconds so piling on ingredients will make for a soggy bottom and uncooked toppings. By using the best ingredients we don't have to load up on the toppings. We offer two types of service, Festival Style and Sharing Buffet.

sharing buffet

Larger 12" pizzas served sliced, buffet style for your guests to grab a slice or two over a 2 hour service. This style creates a relaxed eating experience for your guests who can pick up a slice or two, enjoy and come back for more trying all our delicious pizza flavours. This style is perfect as the evening food at a wedding but is also perfect for corporate events and any kind of gathering.

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