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Our Sharing Buffet style of service is a great way to treat your guests. This style is perfect for evening wedding guests, parties and corporate events. Also a really good option for an informal long and lazy lunch. 12" pizzas are served on wooden boards to the buffet table for your guests to help themselves to.

We will arrive 3 hours before service to set up and will quietly get the oven blazing. As your guests arrive they will be able to see us stretching our fresh dough and topping each pizza by hand. Your guests are welcomed to help themselves to slices of pizza and keep coming back to try all the different flavours. This relaxed and informal style of service usually takes 2 hours and creates a buzz around our oven as your guests watch the pizzas being made and try them as they are cooked.  All you need to do is provide us with a nice flat surface to pitch up on, allow us access to power for lighting, provide a covered area for the buffet table and we will take care of the rest!

The example menu below includes some classics but also some of our favourites using great Dorset produce. We are of course very flexible and will cater to your tastes and requirements. You will need to choose four types of pizza from the menu, you can of course add more types of pizza if you wish.

Our charges for the Sharing Style of service will depend upon your distance from us and your specific requirements. We will provide you with a bespoke quote. To give an idea though, for a 4 pizza menu using the menu below, we charge £15.00 per 12" pizza plus our travel charge of £2.00 per mile from Weymouth and back. Not everyone will eat a whole 12" pizza of course. We find that 80 pizzas is usually enough to feed 100 people so for example if you expect 100 people then book around 80-85 pizzas to be sure.

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